Our Story


Dr. Katina Fuller-Scott "Hey, DR. K"

Welcome to our incredible community! We're absolutely thrilled that you've stumbled upon our brand, dedicated to igniting the spark of leadership and making a lasting social impact. Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with us!

Here's the deal: we're all about nurturing and empowering multigenerational leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers who fearlessly embrace their purpose and revolutionize their communities. We believe that true transformation happens when individuals unapologetically unleash their potential, leaving a remarkable imprint on the world.

Throughout our inspiring journey, we've had the privilege of encountering awe-inspiring individuals who confidently stride in their authenticity. Yet, we've also crossed paths with those who have felt unheard, individuals who haven't tapped into their inner power, and souls lingering on the sidelines, pressured by the weight of barriers and society's LABELS! Yes, you read it right – those limiting, suffocating labels.

But guess what? Whether you're an established leader, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a passionate change agent, we're here to dismantle those labels, smash through their constraints, and unlock boundless potential.


    Simple answer...Well, aside from the fact that I absolutely love rocking DOPE apparel and accessories that showcase my unique style (seriously, I love it! LOL), it's about something deeper, something that resonates with dreamers and go-getters like you.

    If you're anything like me, you dream big and set ambitious goals. But let's face it, life isn't always a smooth ride and you know what it feels like to battle against labels. They're those barriers, limits, and expectations that people slap on you based on who you are or where you come from. They're the societal pressures that make you question your worth and hold you back from embracing your true self – and let's not forget those nagging self-doubts that creep in, whispering limiting beliefs like low self-confidence, comparisons, and that oh-so-frustrating imposter syndrome. UGH, WHO NEEDS ALL THAT NOISE?!

    That's why I created the FORGET LABELS™ Lifestyle Brand – as a bold statement of purpose and unapologetic self-expression.

    And trust me, I get it. As a full-figured, educated, black female leader in America, I've had my fair share of labels thrown at me (believe me, I've got stories!). But guess what? I refuse to be defined by anyone else's expectations. I'm here to empower you to do the same.

    More than just an apparel, accessories & goods brand...we're a movement!

    Through my social purpose movement, BE What Matters® , I'm on a mission to make a lasting impact on the world. As a personal and professional development company, we equip leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers like you to effectively lead with greater clarity, connection, & confidence so you can impact more lives. But it doesn't stop there - we're a vibrant community of "Social Transformers" united by a shared passion for leadership, education, advocacy, partnerships, & service. FORGET LABELS™ is the creative arts & philanthropic arms of our social enterprise.

    Consider yourself invited...

    So, if any of this resonates with you, consider yourself officially invited to our extraordinary community. Join us as we boldly walk the path of purpose, defying those limiting labels and embracing our true selves. The FORGET LABELS™ Lifestyle Brand is here to celebrate your uniqueness and ignite the fire within you. Together, let's make an indelible mark on the world!

    ~Dr. Katina, Founder